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User Experience Designer | Web Designer | Consultant
Hi, I'm Brandon.
I am a problem-solving enthusiast and human-centered designer with a background in education and academic research. I value empathy and authenticity.
3 fun facts about me:
🎸   I play the bass.
🤖   My favorite movie is Bladerunner.
🛶   I like to canoe and kayak.

My Work

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User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Wireframes | Style Guide | iOS

360 Alumni

User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Web Design | Sitemap | Webflow

Small Projects
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User Experience Design | User Interface Design | Interaction Design | Graphic Design


"Brandon is a rare find; we are hiring him again & highly recommend him to anyone!! He exudes patience, attention to detail, strong communication ability, and most importantly making sure he gets the job right. [...] I can't express how rare those qualities actually are -- someone who isn't just focused on the money but takes pride in his work, always shows up to give 100%, and wants it to be the best possible. Great designer & upstanding individual!!"

Jeremy Doochin
Founder & CEO at JobEcademy

Brandon is very passionate about what he does. He is able to clearly communicate his designs and set very reasonable expectations throughout the development process.

Austin Kruger

"Brandon didn't just show up, he excelled. From project initiation to completion Brandon went way beyond what I've seen from other UX designers. Combining hyper relevant up-to-date knowledge, a keen design eye, a great ability to ask pertinent questions, and the skills to deliver a great product. He ensured the project ran smoothly and and on time."

James Stephenson
CEO Hookdunhookd
VP Marketing 360Alumni